Specialist helplines

Providing your employees with confidential access to specialist helplines can help them deal positively and practically with work-related or personal problems. These problems can be addressed at early stage with relevant advice and counselling before they grow to affect performance in the workplace or require more serious intervention.

Care first's 24 hour helplines offer professional information, advice and support on a very wide range of subjects, relating to stress in the workplace and to individuals' own personal issues. Each of the following is available as a single-subject specialist helpline:

  • bullying and harassment
  • health information
  • critical incidents
  • work-life balance
  • debt management
  • legal advice
  • alcohol abuse
  • drug abuse
  • elderly care
  • childcare

It may already be clear to you that your business has a real need in a particular area. Proper research and evaluation can then confirm how you can best support your workforce. Depending on the results and needs identified, one or more specialist helplines can be purchased to offer precisely the right type and level of support for your people.

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All of our solutions are bespoke and designed to meet the needs of each individual organisation.

We work with organisations ranging from 30 employees to over 200,000 employees.

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